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new mmt logo 2011Where do YOU want to go? What do YOU want to do? We are a team of servant leaders called to serve YOU.  We base our work on the Great Commission and ACTS 1:8.  We are mission mobilizers and church planters dedicated to help YOU impact lostness in YOU community, Arkansas, and around the world!


Missions Mobilization is getting outside the walls to reach people where they are!

  • Chaplaincy - Called to be a fire department chaplain? Volunteer in Prisons? We can help.

  • Church and Community MinistriesAny Church member can be a part of a church to community ministry. Check it out!

  • Hispanic Ministry - Francisco Gomez helps start and strengthen Hispanic Baptist churches in Arkansas. Are you called to help?

  • Inclusion Ministry - Find out how to reach and “include” those who are physically and developmentally disabled. 

  • Mission Trips and more - From in-state mission trips to around the globe, hammering nails to reaching unreached people groups, the Missions Ministries Team can help you get started.

Church Planting is your church reproducing healthy New Testament churches!

  • Plant Churches - Our full time church planter strategists are here to help your church plant new churches!  Called to church planting? Give us a call.



How to Coach a Church Planter in a New Church Start

churchplanterChurch planting is an incredibly difficult venture for many reasons. It’s an enormous step of faith into the unknown and unpredictable. It’s a frontline mission seeking to break strongholds and bring lost people into the kingdom of God. The spiritual warfare component in church planting is strong. The church planter can’t take anything for granted because he’s starting from scratch. Everything has to be created and established.

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How to Use Literacy Missions as a Missional Tool in Your Community

literacymissionsThere are several needs that face every community across our state. Some of these needs include people who can't read or have trouble doing school work. It may seem overwhelming but God has a great plan for your community to be reached for Christ through Literacy Missions.

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How to Prepare for Your First Mission Trip

modernchurchHow the “FIRSTS” in our lives end up can often set the tone for future attempts.  I recall several “FIRSTS” that didn’t go well, the memory of which made it difficult to try again.  Several aspects of mission work are outside anyone’s control, but there are some things you can do minimize problems and maximize your team’s “FIRST” efforts!

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Creative Ways to use Popular Social Networking Sites in Church Planting

facebookNow that the 21st Century is in full swing, it is clear that social media and networking are here to stay. No one can deny the impact social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube have had on our culture. People and businesses don’t communicate the same way anymore.

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