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new mmt logo 2011Where do YOU want to go? What do YOU want to do? We are a team of servant leaders called to serve YOU.  We base our work on the Great Commission and ACTS 1:8.  We are mission mobilizers and church planters dedicated to help YOU impact lostness in YOU community, Arkansas, and around the world!


Missions Mobilization is getting outside the walls to reach people where they are!

  • Chaplaincy - Called to be a fire department chaplain? Volunteer in Prisons? We can help.

  • Church and Community MinistriesAny Church member can be a part of a church to community ministry. Check it out!

  • Hispanic Ministry - Francisco Gomez helps start and strengthen Hispanic Baptist churches in Arkansas. Are you called to help?

  • Inclusion Ministry - Find out how to reach and “include” those who are physically and developmentally disabled. 

  • Mission Trips and more - From in-state mission trips to around the globe, hammering nails to reaching unreached people groups, the Missions Ministries Team can help you get started.

Church Planting is your church reproducing healthy New Testament churches!

  • Plant Churches - Our full time church planter strategists are here to help your church plant new churches!  Called to church planting? Give us a call.



How to Determine if a Community Needs a New Church Start

churchplanting5Asking the question, "Don’t we already have enough churches in Arkansas?" may not be the best starting point to evaluate whether or not we should consider planting a new church. Perhaps the question should be, "Are there any groups, sub-groups, cultures, or sub cultures that are not being reached with our present churches?" Would a new church plant be effective in reaching the groups that are not presently being reached by existing congregations? According to David Olson, author of The American Church in Crisis, in 2005 the percentage of population attending an evangelical church in Arkansas was only 25.2 percent. The new 2010 census has not shown any improvement in that statistic.

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How to Reach the Poverty Needs in Your Community

homelessmanPoverty is all around us. Poverty affects every community in Arkansas and across the world. Poverty has always been with us and will be with us until Christ returns. How do we meet the poverty needs of people across Arkansas and our world?

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How to Plan a Acts 1:8 One Day Mission Trip in your Community

onedaymissionPlanning a one day mission trip will benefit your church, association, state, nation, and the ends of the earth.  One day mission trips give people a taste of missions. Believers come outside the walls of the church and begin to meet people right where they are. One day mission trips allow people to think beyond themselves and begin to see their community for what it really is.

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